Its Tetons, Not Bust

Hello again everyone.

I am happy to announce that we have arrived at Grand Teton National Park — with our friends, the Fabulous Kinghorns. Don’t they look good. Gotta love Andrew’s hat.

We rose rather early this morning, showered (I don’t think a shower has ever felt so good), hooked up the horses to the wagon, and high tailed it down to the Cowboy Cafe for a delicious breakfast. The Fabulous Kinghorns were there, as you can see, we caught them looking at the menu.

Breakfast was great

The Fabulous Kinghorns ate everything on their plate. So did everyone else for that matter. Then it was back in the wagon and off to the Tetons, a 56 mile drive over the mountain. It was an easy drive, and compared to our previous trip, it was very short.

We only encountered one problem during the ride. The side door on the wagon flew open when we hit a bump and our grey water container (converted gas can) fell out onto the trail. We did not notice this right away, and alas our red grey water container is no longer with us. We had a memorial service this evening to commemorate the event.

The rest of the day was spent at the Jackson Lake beach, where everyone did a cold face plunge, including yours truly.

Stay tuned.

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