Turning The Wagon East

Hello again everyone.

The old lady crawled out of bed at 7:30 AM. I suggested she take Hollywood and Rojass for a shower, knowing that they would appreciate it so much that they wouldn’t realize it was a ploy by me to get more sleep. It worked like a charm. They loved me for the showers.

When they returned, I sprung to life and we were on the trail in short order. First stop: Cowboy Cafe, where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Second stop: Fort Washaki, where Hollywood and Rojass picked up some souvenirs. Third stop: Rawlins where we rested the horses and loaded them up on fresh hay. Finally, a long trek across Wyoming and on to Ogallala, NE.

We rounded up the wagons at the Country View Campground and then headed out to find some grub. More about that experience later.

Stay tuned.

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