Ogallala to Lawrence

Hello again everyone.

I woke up early to the sounds of birds singing and Hollywood laughing. Our last night sleeping in the wagon was over. Nightmares of the Steakhouse and Saloon a thing of the past. It was time to gear up for our trip to Curley Bill’s.

After picking up a load of hay, we headed down the trail looking for a place to have breakfast. Then we saw it. Penny’s Diner in North Platte. We had to turn around to get there, but it looked like it would be more than worth it. And it was. The gang decided we were done with Ogallala. Next time through we are staying in North Platte at the Holiday Campground. Meals at Penny’s Diner.

We arrived at Curley Bill’s at about 5:39 PM. Curley and his old lady actually put out a red carpet for us. We enjoyed an evening of good food, good conversation and perfect accommodations. Curley was a gentleman at all times and his old lady is a hoot. Enjoyed meeting Lucy the dog. She likes to pee on you when she meets you. I think that way she can remember that she already met you.

Our old friend Scout (Jenna) was there to greet us and Quiet Kate (Katie) and her man, Dan, came by to see us, too. Dan looks like he has potential to join the gang formally. Word is that they have been hanging out together for seven or so years. OK, Dan. It’s time to either shxt or get off the pot, as my mother used to say. Maybe your upcoming trip would be a good time. And since you have to come through St. Louis, you MUST come to see us. We can put you and Kate up for a night on the rack.

Curley prevented me from performing a proper interrogation of Dan. I guess he likes the guy too much to let me find out the real truth about what Dan has been doing with his daughter. Careful, there, Dan, I’m watching you.

Stay tuned.

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