Our Day in Rocky Mountain National Park

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Hello again everyone.

We had a day to ourselves while in Denver, so the old lady and I drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park for a quick visit.  On our way up, we stopped at Dave’s Diner in  Lyons for breakfast.  Dave serves the most delicious pancakes we ever ate.  We should definitely go back there some day.

Once in the park, we headed for Endovalley and the pic mic area where we took the girls when the were little.  There is the best little stream there where I took the original cold face plunge.  It was as beautiful as ever.

Next, we headed up Trail Ridge Road to the top of the mountain.  Wow.  It takes your breath away every time.  I wanted to have an ice cream cone at the cafe, but they did not serve it there.  So I had a chocolate chip cookie and a carton of milk.  Almost as good as ice cream.  Then it was back down the mountain and on to Regis to pick up Hollywood for dinner.

Stay tuned.

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