Fabulous Birthday is Coming

Hello again everyone.

Like them or not, they come every year.  I’m talking about birthdays, not mosquitos.  And one of my favorite birthdays (because it is not mine) is coming up this Saturday.  Yes, the Fabulous One will be celebrating her 25th birthday, her first as a married woman!!  How fabulous is that?

I am sure that Andrew is working very hard to come up with a Fabulous Day, chock full of fun activities and lots of presents.  (Is there a puppy in the Fabulous One’s future?)  The girls and I are in serious discussions about how we will contribute to the festivities.  My guess is that we may provide a fabulous cake (yes, Andrew, complete with ice cream) and, if we can find anything cheap enough, a present or two.

One thing for sure, we promise NOT to watch video recorded excerpts of the Republican National Convention.  That would (ok, should) make anyone watching to throw up all over themselves.  No sense taking any chances.  Cardinal baseball would be a better choice (unless we hit the way we have the past two days in which case we will be throwing up anyway).  What a tangled web we weave!  (I don’t know why I said that it just came into my head and God said to type it.)

So, lets get it together, everyone.  Get out there and shop for a present for the Fabulous One.  Lets make this the most Fabulous Birthday ever.  Places to consider shopping:  Family Dollar, Good Will Thrift Shop, Tina’s House of Fabulous Nails, Pets R Us, Mariann’s Fabulous Garage Sale, Quilts R Us, and Kinder’s Gift Shop.

Remember, as Andrew likes to say:  “Hey everybody!  Lets celebrate good times!!”

Stay Tuned.

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