The Official End of Summer

Hello again everyone.

Every year on the first weekend of September comes Labor Day, the holiday that marks the end of Summer.  In our family it usually means driving home from a Labor Day camping trip.  Not this year, though.  Isaac came instead.

Isaac, for those who are paying no attention to anything was once a ferocious hurricane that roared on land in the general area of New Orleans.  Then headed north across Arkansas and up to mid Missouri, where it then swung east and drenched the City of St. Louis with lots of rain.  More, it seemed, that we had all summer.

No sense going camping during a monsoon.  Also, the Fabulous One was celebrating a birthday and Calamity Jane was headed back to Milwaukee.  This means we will have to schedule a camping trip later in the fall when the weather is forecast to be dry and comfortable.  Halloween?  Who knows.

With the official end of summer comes the backstretch of the races for a playoff spot in the Major Leagues.  My favorite team (and yours too if you had any brains) is the St. Louis Cardinals.  They pulled off a stunning run at the end of last season that earned them a spot in the playoffs and ultimately a world championship.  Can lightening strike twice?  Sure it can … just watch.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “The Official End of Summer

  1. I actually got an MLB app on my phone so I could keep an eye on those red birds from denver. do you really think they can pull it off again?

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