The Dark Knight Rises

Hello again everyone.

I had the occasion to go see the latest Batman movie the other night.  As Harry Caray used to say “Holy Cow”.  Two thumbs up.  Five Stars.  100% ripe tomatoes.  Cat Woman was H.O.T. hot!!  And the story was decent, too.

The action was so good that the old lady covered her head during several scenes.  Hans Zimmer did the music, so you know it was killer. Like the tech guy in James Bond, Mr. Fox (Morgan Freeman) came up with a super cool flying machine for Batman.  I want one.

While we are on the topic of Cat Woman, let me say that I have been giving thought to having the old lady get a Cat Woman outfit.  She could wear it around the house waiting for me to get home.  She could wear it on vacation to freak people out.  She could wear it while riding that new motorcycle she wants to buy that looks like the BatCycle.  It would be really fun!

One last note before I sign off.  My girls and the old lady have been making me listen to snippets of the Bieber.  Its more than a little annoying.  I may have to bring out the big guns and take care of this once and for all.

Stay tuned.

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