Thanks A Lot!

Hello again everyone.

Thanksgiving Day 2012 was a day to remember.  The entire family was home, plus Tom, Colin and Louie (the dog).  What a treat!

Its the day after Thanksgiving and I’m sitting in the living room of my hideout watching (of all things) a dog show.  Yes, Louie insisted and the Old Lady would not deny him.  One thing I notice is that dog show dog owners are universally goofy looking.  Not a normal looking person among the whole bunch.  The judges are nothing to look at either.  I’m thinking that the only reason to watch the show is to see the dogs.  It would be more interesting to me if the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders handled the dogs.

It must be a slow TV night.  The old lady is now flipping through channels and there is nothing worth watching.  There are some Christmas shows on (already!) but I’m not in the mood yet.  Guess we’ll have to go to the pvr or Netflix

Anyway, I am supposed to be talking about Thanksgiving.  We gave thanks for being able to be together … and for the word “Uranus,” that time and again is good for a few laughs.

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Stay tuned.

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