Capitol Reef National Park Anyone?

RayMathisCapitol-Reef004Hello again everyone.

Its time to start thinking about our annual trip west.  And, since Hollywood is already in Denver, maybe we should use her release from Regis Prison as a starting point for our journey.  And, since her release date is May 3, maybe we should go somewhere a little warmer than it will likely be in the Tetons or Glacier.

How about Capital Reef National Park?  Check out some brochures here.


The campground is located in the town of Fruita, UT — an old, historic Mormon settlement where they grow peaches in an oasis in the desert.  The campground is equipped with flush toilets — so don’t worry about that ladies.  There are some smallish towns nearby … but no Telluride or anything like that.

The weather is good in May (70’s) — don’t have to worry much about rain.  It doesn’t do that very much there (less than an inch in May or any other month for that matter).

Lots of cool archeology … plenty of places to hike … also a good place to get your summer tan started (better start your diet now, girls).


One review I read called Capitol Reef one of the best kept secrets of the National Park system.  I am all about secrets and figuring them out.  I hear tell that there is good jeeping here, too.  A lot different than around Ouray, I’m sure.

Of course, since we would be in Utah, we would not be able to make the kind of money on the ladies that we did in Ouray.  That kind of thing is illegal in Utah.  (Mormans and all.)  That’s right, you can have all the wives you want, but until you marry ’em – hands off!

So, browse the brochures, give it some thought and let me know if you think Capitol Reef is the place to go from May 2, 2013 – May 11, 2013.

Thanks for reading … and stay tuned.

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