Its Tetons or Bust for 2013


Hello again everyone.

Plans have changed.  My last post suggested that we were going to break with tradition and do our 2013 trip in early May.  Head out to Capitol Reef National Park in Utah.  Try something entirely new and different.  Trouble was that Jane got a job in San Francisco.

This video doesn’t exist

After 65 hours of riding the trail to San Francisco, my aching butt convinced me that it needed a break.  In addition, Hollywood found her way from Denver back to St. Louis on her own, saving my butt even more wear and tear.  (Thank you Hollywood!)

In the meantime, Rojass got a job with the people who help people who can’t seem to remember anything.  Expecting that I might be one of those people one day, it was important to find a time to travel when Rojass was available to go with us.  Also, Rojass has a birthday celebration on July 4 every year.  She is able to get everyone in the old US of A to have a party that day and set off fireworks, over-eat and get drunk.

IMG_1087After giving it some thought, we (me and the Old Lady) decided to take our 2013 trip back to familiar territory where we can celebrate amongst the grizzlies and wolf packs in the shadow of the Teton Mountains on the shore of Lake Jackson.  So, on the evening of June 27, we will set out for Coulter Bay with our wagon and goodies (unless we can convince Sharp Shooter and Jamboree to drag the wagon out there for us in which case we will go on horseback and catch up with the wagon in Dubois, WY.

So, this year’s trip leaves St. Louis on the evening of June 27 and returns on the evening of July 8.  Join us if you can!!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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