One Week and We are Outta Here

IMG_2693.JPGHello again everyone.

Today is Thursday, June 20.  One day before the summer solstice and the longest day of the year.  And one week before Rojass, Hollywood and I depart for our Wyoming hideout.  (The Old Lady will be flying out a week from tomorrow.)  The anticipation is killing me.

IMG_7060Sharpshooter and Jamboree have been at the hideout this week and report that all is well. They saw some bears in the camp last night, but Straight Bill assured us that he would protect the hideout.

There is a rumor that our advance scouts went to the Huckelberry Hot Springs for a soothing, recuperative soak, but I don’t believe it.  We went there last year and I wouldn’t take my dog there to soak.  Not a chance.  Lillay would not like all of the flies, mosquitos and ticks.  Not to mention the bacteria.

We plan to check out Granite Hot Springs south of Jackson.  I’m sure the girls will have to protect their kachingas as we drive the unimproved dirt road to the springs, but it will be worth it.  I promise.

IMG_6004The Old Lady has me walking with her every night to get me in shape for the trip.  Last night we walked 3+ miles.  It was the third night in a row we went walking and I must confess that my legs are killing me today.  I’m not used to all of this physical activity.  I guess I’ll be thankful for the exercise once we arrive in Wyoming.  If I live that long!

IMG_6005Word is that Shartshooter and Jamboree will be heading back this way starting on Friday.  That should put them back in KC by Saturday night.  That Sharpshooter can really drive.  If only Jamboree could “hold it” (if you know what I mean).

Well, I’m hungry, so I’m gonna go eat.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

One thought on “One Week and We are Outta Here

  1. I’m ready to go too!!!! You can have tonight off for walking! Wouldn’t want you to over do it and not be able to be the Dwiver!!

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