Saturday Afternoon Naps

IMG_2002Hello again everyone.

I was laying on the couch napping this afternoon when the Old Lady yelled down from upstairs “Chuck (my code name) is Lilly down there?” Awakened by the sound of my code name, I quickly looked around, concluded that Lilly was not anywhere to be found on the first floor, yelled “No!” in response and closed my eyes to resume my nap.

IMG_4506Before I am able to re-engage unconsciousness, I hear Hollywood and the Old Lady upstairs, conducting a room by room search for Lilly. Then I hear the Old Lady coming down stairs. (Time to check downstairs because Chuck failed to do a complete search..) Then I hear Hollywood say “Well, where is Lilly ,.. is she outside?” With that the back door opens and closes. Then the back door opens again and I hear the Old Lady say “Lilly’s at the groomers … Thank God!”. (I felt a sense or relief … I had begun to think that Lilly had been left outside on her leash in the thunderstorm and passed away in fright.)

With that, I shut my eyes and went back to sleep, comforted with the knowledge that: (1) Lilly was accounted for; and (2) the Old Lady has not lost her mind entirely … you just have to give her a little time now and then.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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