Baby Sitting

photo 2Hello again everyone.

Here it is two days before Christmas and I’m babysitting. Yes babysitting. Everyone else is either at work or shopping and I am here at the house supervising Louis and Lily. So far, they’ve been very good, even asking to go outside when they needed to.

In between trips outside, however, there really isn’t much to do. I mean, both of them like to either stare out the window, or sleep. What’s a babysitter to do? Oh, I know, I can blog!! The trouble is I don’t know if I have anything worth blogging about.

IMG_1663I suppose I could tell you about Theresa’s recent experience at Jiffy Lube. It seems that after smelling something that smelled like it required attention with her car, the old lady suggested Theresa go to jiffy Lube to have her oil topped off.  So she did. After explaining the situation to the technician she was told with wide eyed amazement that she needed her radiator flushed. It would only cost her $109.

100810rv_01+jiffy_lube_oil_change+alberto_arguelloTheresa was stunned. She was going in for a free top off and found herself facing a $109 car repair.  Bummer.  To make matters worse, the technician started hitting on her.  Asking where she worked, telling her what time he got off (10 minutes), acting all goofy and stuff.

[*** *** Sudden sound of dogs barking in the living room.  Must be an emergency. *** ***]]

(Sorry, I was interrupted by the dogs left in my care.  It seems they are on security patrol right now and thought they saw something that needed to be brought to my attention.  That’s right.  They were barking.  When I walked in the living room to see what the ruckus was about they quickly stopped barking and gave me a look from the top of the couch like “we can’t find who was barking either”.  Having settled that down I can return to my story.)

st-louis-cardinals-starting-pitcher-joe-kelley-for-world-series-2013-game-3So, all of the goofiness would not have been a problem if the technician looked like Joe Kelley.  Sadly, he did not.  In Theresa’s words, he was “gangly, but not in a good way”.  She did not describe his face at all.  Not sure she even mentioned what color hair he had.  She seemed to be singularly focused on his gangliness.  And since she mentioned that his gangly was not good, by inference, there must be a good gangly.  She did not offer any examples, however.

That leaves me to imagine what “good” gangly must be like.  Justin Timberlake, perhaps? Or Michael Wacha?  Or, what’s his name, you know, the other Justin?

"Remember Me" Movie Filming on Location in New York on June 14, 2009

This guy?

Anyway, Theresa was able to escape Jiffy Lube without making a date with the guy.  Now, all she wants to do is get Mimi fixed up with him.  Not sure Mimi would agree to such a thing, but it might be safer than Christian Mingle.

Gotta go check on the “kids”.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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