As 2013 Comes to a Close …

IMG_2388Hello again everyone.

2013 has sure been a lot better than 2011 or 2012.  And I really appreciate that.  I was getting sick of bad stuff happening all the time.

I am looking forward to 2014 and all it has to bring.  I’m sure it will have its share of good times and bad times.  That’s why the old lady and I got married … for good times and bad.  Hoping for more of the former and less of the latter.  (I love the former and latter phrase … it confuses most people.)

Jane and Hollywood left yesterday for the west coast.  Jane to return home and Hollywood to see her “man”.  Yes, I know, Hollywood spent the past four months with her man and will be returning to school in Denver soon where her man will also be, but it was important to leave the friendly confines of our home to fly to Sacramento to make sure that nothing happened to her “man” in the few days between now and then.  Its so romantic.  (I’m sure the old lady remembers when I would drive from St. Louis or Kansas City to Fulton to visit with her back in our college days. It was a wonderful time.)

So, last night I came home from work to find the house empty, but for my good friend Lilly, who greeted me as though I was the last person alive on the planet.  After tending to Lilly’s needs, I laid back in my Lay-Z-Boy chair and relaxed.  So quiet.  So peaceful.  So sleepy.  Next thing I know, the old lady walks in.  End of sleep.  But I did so appreciate the moment.

Our plans for tonite are very simple.  Eat whatever is in the fridge and maybe go to a movie. No crazy partying or drinking or carrying on or shooting guns in the sky or setting off fireworks or anything like any of that.  We are going say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014 in a dignified way.  Doing nothing.

That way I can’t possibly get into any trouble and will be able to function tomorrow.  After tomorrow, after all, it is back to work … without a holiday in site for weeks.  A bummer, really.

So, thanks of reading and stay tuned until next year!

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