Happy New Year!!!

DSC_7401_2Hello again everyone.

And Happy 2014!!  According to the weather man, we are set to get 4-5 inches of snow tonite … and very cold temperatures (maybe even below zero for a high) for the next week or so.  You’d think we lived in Minnesota or something.  Mimi should be happy with the new year.  She loves cold and snow.

[Gone for period of time.]

Oops.  I had to stop blogging yesterday and did not get back to it.  It is now Jan 2.  It snowed as predicted (very light, dry snow).  Temperatures are in the teens and headed lower.  The New Year is off to a very wintery start.

Rojass and I were to have lunch today at 1 pm.  She was to meet me at the office.  Instead she called me on the phone.  The jagulance would not start.  We tried the bang on the box underneath the lower covering on the passenger side of the car. (This is the magical way that you get the Jag to start at times — kinda like pounding on the engine.) No joy.

I drove over and found the jag sitting where Rojass parked it this morning.  She came out to help, but we decided to go get lunch first.  (Always better to eat before work so hunger does not distract from the work.) Dewey’s served up a delicious Don Corleone.  After some high level secret discussions about the future, we headed back to the Jag.  (Rojass would not let me eat any cheesecake.)

There we discovered that she had left the headlights on when she arrived at work (moron). No wonder the car would not start.  So we got the jumper cables out and tried to charge it up for a while.  (Had a nice nappie.)  No joy.  So I got out the extra battery I have been driving around with in my car (Doesn’t everybody?).  Hooked it up and shazzam!  The Jagulance roared to life.  Mission accomplished!

Rojass thinks that she is a jinks to cars. Forgetting to turn ones lights off is not being “jinxed”.  Its simple negligence.   Rojass was driving old blue around without any oil and couldn’t figure out why it was giving her trouble.  (Not sure she should be driving cars.) She needs to take it back to Jiffy Lube to see the creep who wants to spend some time getting to know her and call him on the carpet for not topping off her oil when she was in there the last time.  I’d like to be a fly on the wall to see that. (Except its kinda too cold for flies right now.)


Here’s proof that Rojass is an educated woman.  See her above in her cap and gown.  The car problems are not at all related to her intelligence.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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