Ten Years Ago ….

Hello again everyone.

I was messing around last night with some hard drives that I had been using to back up my home computers.  To my surprise, I found a bunch of old video files.  Some were from music recitals, some from a trip to Steamboat Springs, and some from our 2004 Trip to the Tetons.

Many hilarious moments were preserved in digital video form.  Some that I did not even remember.  (Imagine that.)

It occurred to me immediately that I should share some of these videos with my readers.  After all, the old lady is complaining that my blog posts are too long.  She never complains about anything on TV being too long.  I am guessing that she is a “watcher” not a “reader”.

To put this in context, Jane was 18, and Hollywood was a mere 10.  Annie was 16.  I was not yet 50.  So young … and so alive!  And so much fun.

Click the arrow above to play the video.  Be patient, it is a large file.

Thanks for reading (and watching) and stay tuned.

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