Time to Get Busy!

IMG_2388Hello again everyone.

Its time to get busy preparing for the Tetons or Bust Tour 2014.  Yes, its back to the Tetons for another week of basking in the warm Wyoming sun.  This year’s participants include, but are not limited to, Sharpshooter and Jamboree, Jamie and Neil, The Fabulous One and Andrew, Hollywood, Rojass, the Old Lady, Keith and Laura (Sharpshooter’s friends) and, of course, myself.

Today is June 4.  We leave two weeks from tomorrow!  The camper is at the stables being repaired for the trip.  It seems it needed new shoes and some other minor fixing.  We are promised it will be ready a couple of days before we leave.

_MG_9014The Old Lady has lots of projects going around the hideout, so we have to get those finished.  Then is pack up some clothes and some grub and hit the road.  Hollywood will be riding with me and the Old Lady.  Its always good to have a movie star along for the ride.  We can sell her for quite a ransom if we need to.


Rojass is riding with the Fabulous One and Andrew.  This will be Andrew’s first tour, so Rojass is in for some new kinds of fun.  We will miss Rojass’ musical Power Hours with our group.  That is why I have created a 2014 Playlist.







Sharpshooter and Jamboree will be leaving a little bit later than the Old Lady and I.  It seems that Sharpshooter has an appointment with the Judge in Jackson County.  No telling what the charge was.  But we are confident that the Judge will let him leave KC the morning of the 20th.  He and Jamboree have fast horses, so we are sure they will catch up with us.

Camping 2009-0302


Lets get busy people.  The Tetons are waiting for us!!



Thanks for reading and stay tuned.



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