An Update on Louis, the Dog

IMG_6004Hello again everyone.

I think all of you know that Louis the Dog is living with the Old Lady and I while Jane is galavanting out East on Martha’s Vineyard.  Oh, and I should mention that Lilly is also living with us.  So the official score is People 2, Dogs 2.  So at least we are even on participants.  But that is where even-ness ends.  The Dogs are leading in many other categories.

What categories?, you say.  Well, there’s Barking, Peeing, Pooping, Wining, Begging, Crying, and did I mention Barking?  or Peeing?  or Pooping?  My Lord, the dogs (with Louis, the Dog’s fine leadership) are killing the humans!  Its not even close.

The Old Lady has been spending a lot of time on her hands and knees giving the Bissell quite a work out.  The living room looks like a battlefield of spots where the Bissell has been used to clean up one sort of doggie soil or another.  (Fortunately, once dry, the pee and poop smells are …. almost …. gone.)

The Old Lady and I have both been thinking about diapers.  I don’t know what the Old Lady’s plan is, but I have been thinking about using a human baby diaper, cutting a little hole in it where the tail will fit, and strapping the thing on both of them … and then reinforcing the job with duck tape.  The diapers would only come off when they go outside to potty.

If not diapers, then we will look into catheters with cones of shame.  We’d still have the poop problem, but the cones of shame might make up for it in terms of comedy.  I think duck tape would hold the catheters nicely in place.

Don’t worry, the Old Lady and I realize that we only have four … long …. months …. left before Sarah returns to resume her responsibility of taking care of Louis the Dog.  And my job in the meantime is to keep him alive.  (So far, so good.)  I’m not worried.  I think we can do it.  I mean I know we can do it.  After all, we raised 4 hell raising girls!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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