The Old Lady is Worried About Her Hydrangeas

_MG_9014Hello again everyone.

The Old Lady loves her hydrangeas. They are the one thing in her garden that she will insist that you see.  “Come see my hydrangeas” she will say.  And then she starts walking in that direction.  If you hesitate at all, she will say: “Don’t you want to see my hydrangeas?”  If you indicate anything but “yes”, she breaks down and cries.

IMG_1152We haven’t always had hydrangeas.  We bought them last year, with her rose of sharon and some other fine plants.  I think she always admired the ones in the yard up the street.  But for some reason, it wasn’t until last year that she finally added them to her plant collection.

So, why is she worried about her hydrangeas?  Well, one of the three plants nearly died this past winter.  It had a slow start this spring, and the Old Lady was sure it was going to die.  I keep encouraging her about how its going to make it but she has been very skeptical.  The other thing is that there are no signs of flowers as of yet.  Now, we are not sure if that is because they don’t bloom this early, or the winter/spring killed the blooms.


Photo of Hydrangeas Last Year

She was looking at the plants up the street and noticed that they aren’t blooming yet, so she is feeling better about things.  (Not sure why.)  But, still, she is worried about her hydrangeas, and with vacation coming, she will probably worry even more since she won’t be here to take care of them.

Whoa is me.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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