We are on the Road

Hello again everyone.
I am sitting in the dining room at the Ramada Inn in Laramie, Wyoming. Rojas, the Fabulous One and Big Whiskey arrived around 7 am. Now we are having some of their free breakfast. How is it? How would you expect a free breakfast to taste?
The coffee is the best thing on the menu. Second best? The watered down orange juice. Worst in appearance? The huevos rancheros. I had sausage and banana nut muffins (minis).
Sharpshooter and Big Whiskey are driving around town in search of a mechanic. Is seems that Big Whiskey’s horses are down. Not sure what the problem. Most of us are encouraging Whiskey to pop for new horses. He is resistant. Once we have that problem solved we will be back on the road. Just over 5 hours to DuBois and the Cowboy Cafe.
Jamboree is out of her mind.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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