It Could Well Be Hell

The “Great” Salt Lake is anything but.  First, imagine the air permeated with the smell of warm brine shrimp.  Add about a billion little gnats and sustained winds off the lake at over 25 miles per hour.

Now imagine that you have to walk about a mile against the wind (and the gnats) to reach the shore line … and as you approach the lake the smell gets stronger and the gnats thicker.

IMG_5567That, my friends, is the Great Salt Lake.  I am adding this to my list of things I’m never going to do again.  I am never going to “visit” the Great Salt Lake again.

Curly, I wish you had warned me about the GSL.  I know you have been this way quite a few times in your life as you wandered from place to place across the west.

Now a report on the new shoe.  Our horse seems to like the new shoe just fine and other than worrying about throwing another shoe before we acquire a new spare things with the horse and wagon are great.

I must report that Cheyanne was a little cranky in the wagon today … especially after the incident with the horse’s shoe.  She demanded that we stop to eat and threatened all kinds of mischief if we didn’t.  So, about 8:30 we stopped at a place called “Burger King” for some grub (nothing special).

Also, we had to have two psych consults on Cheyanne today.  She broke down crying twice while songs were playing on our music machine.  One song reminded her of Rojass and the other reminded her of me (and I was in the wagon with her!).  Hollywood acted as our resident psychic and had Cheyanne straightened out in no time.

Speaking of Hollywood, she is the best executive assistant an outlaw could ever have.  She served as our guide, sherpa and interpreter … all with grace and efficiency.  Cheyanne and I are happy to have her with us.

Finally, I want to say how much we miss the gang members I booted from the gang yesterday.  Rojass, Fabulous One, Jane and Scout added charachter and “spice” to our adventure and I have discovered that they are irreplaceable.  You all are invited to join our 2011 Tour, where ever that may take us.

Enough for now, I’ve got to get some shut eye (Cheyanne is already snoring).

Stay tuned …..

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