Reconnoitering Yosemite

Note:  This is a post from our trip to Yosemite in July of 2010, (previously unpublished).  We need to go back.

Hello again everyone.  Its another wonderful day to be alive on God’s beautiful planet earth.  As the title to this blog entry suggests, Wednesday was a day of exploration … experiencing for the first time another of our great National Parks.  I wrote my first haiku of the trip about it:

  • A long winding trail
  • Led us to Yosemite
  • It was FAB-U-LOUS!

The drive from Grover Hot Springs State Park (CA) to Yosemite took us through the happening town of Bridgeport (where we found a cool place for Joe) and over at least two mountain passes.


On the way in to the park we passed by Ellery Lake at 9,538 feet of elevation.  We thought this was great, but it was not as spectacular as that which was to come.


A long line of traffic greeted us at the entrance to the park.  Once past the entrance, however, it was clear sailing.


Hollywood was on cloud nine … in California for the second time this year and at a National Park this time instead of a big city.

Once inside the park we found a cool, clear mountain stream near the trail.  We stopped to explore and take pictures.



Back on the trail, we headed up to the Tuolumne Visitor’s Center (pronounced TOL-owe-me) and Tuolumne Meadows.  Georgeous place.  Flat hiking trails.  Streams.  Granite formations.  It seemed like paradise.

And what do you do when you encounter a cool, crisp mountain stream?  Can you say “cold face plunge”?


Talk about refreshing!!  If only I had my sandals I would have gone whole body plunge.

The less adventuresome dipped their toes in the water.


Can you say “wimp”?  (Nice toe nails, though, don’t you think?)

Later on the trail we had a deer encounter … young bucks that let me get close enough for this picture without a telephoto lens.


I took the following picture for the Fabulous One (guess why).



I almost forgot my hat at the cold face stream and like most National Parks, every where you looked was like a picture on a post card.


I know you don’t find people pictured in many post cards, but you get the idea.

From here we went to the parking lot and had sandwiches and ice cream for lunch.  Then it was back on the trail.  Destination:  Olmsted Point.

On the way we stopped for some photos.


Hollywood liked the purple flowers.  Who else likes purple flowers?


There were sand beaches on Tenaya Lake.  This would be a must stop on a subsequent trip.

At Olmsted Point, we were amazed by the view.  We could see all the way to Yosemite Valley, which is a loooonnnng way away.  (I know, I drove it.)



From here, the trail led west and south to Yosemite Valley.  This is reputed to be the busiest part of the park, and we can verify that to be true.  Fortunately, we were arriving in the valley late in the day and riders were streaming out as we were going in.

First stop, Bridalveil Falls ….


Next stop, El Capitan ….. (Hollywood likes saying “El Capitan”)



Isn’t the Old Lady Cute as a button?


Next stop, Half Dome …..


And the day ended with this fabulous moon, photographed from Olmsted Point on the way “home” to camp.


It was a fabulous day and we can certify that Yosemite is worthy of a visit by the whole gang in the years to come.

Stay tuned …..

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