Where is Curley??

Hello again everyone.

Well, we are just days away from our 2016 Tetons/Yellowstone Tour and I’ve said nary a word about Curley Bill.  You thought maybe he was still in jail for having killed Carl (or was that Earl?  I can’t keep them straight).  No, word out of Lawrence is that the Curley one was last spotted in the area of the Smokey Mountains, Blue Ridge Trail, North Carolina.  I’ve seen several photos of he and the hot mistress at various saloons in those parts.


Curley in the Smokey Mountains

It seems Curley was worried I’d check in on him in Lawrence on my way out to Wyoming, so he split town.  He is such a yellow bellied coward.  I just wanted some of his beer.  I would have shared my Jack Daniels.  Not now.  I’m skipping Lawrence all together.  Headed straight for the mountains!


Curley and his HOT Mistress in Danger


In an altogether unrelated development, word is that Hollywood hit the Mother Lode and will not be joining us on the Tour.  It seems she has obtained employment shoveling out dog and cat pens.  Yes, its true.  Gave up the Tour for shoveling stuff out of dog and cat pens.  Plus — the reason I refer to it as the “Mother Lode” — Hollywood also gets to see horses on farms and at race tracks!  What more could a young woman want??


Hollywood — giving “that” look

I offered her employment in Jackson, but Hollywood said she would only work in Ouray … something about there being better mannered men there.  It seems that I’ve lost my EAPS (Executive Assistant Personal Slave) and my best earning woman all in one fell swoop.  I’ll have to take things up with these kennel people when I get back.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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