First Round of Yahtzee

Hello again everyone.

After arrival and set up at Coulter Bay campground (thanks to Sharpshooter’s fine negotiating skills with the National Park Service representative) it was time.  Time tp play Yahtzee.


Sharpshooter, Jane, Jamboree, Cheyenne (the Old Lady) and I grabbed drinks and sat down around the pic nic table for a competitive game of Yahtzee.  I’m sure that everyone else was cheating.  Two reasons:  (1) I never won and (2) Cheyenne won the third game.  I had only 79 points.  How depressing.


IMG_0095The games are over now and I am sitting in Sharpshooter’s campground watching Sharpshooter grill the two biggest, thickest steaks I have ever seen.  I am salivating like a St. Bernard.  My keyboard is a mess.

IMG_0099Cheyenne whipped up some of her smoked chicken over hocakes with cole slaw and roasted zucchini.  I covered mine with Gates sauce.  It was delicious.

After dinner we all took a hike down to Jackson Lake and photographed the sunset.  No great color tonite.  We figure we have several more nights to catch a colorful sunset.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, Theresa’s birthday and our first full day in the park.  Jamboree is hoping for a day without dropping her drink. I’m hoping for better luck at Yahtzee.  Jane is hoping for fewer mosquitoes.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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