From San Francisco to Saint Louis

Hello again everyone.

I recently came upon a little (OK, its longer than little) movie I compiled of the trip Jane and I made from her former residence in San Francisco to our home sweet home in Ferguson, MO.  Yes, I said Ferguson.  No its not the armpit of the universe.  I lived there for over 50 years, and I must say that I enjoyed every day of it right up until Michael Brown died.

I could go on and on and on about that particular situation, but I think I will keep my thoughts to myself, lest I offend one person or another.  (I know that this is quite out of character for Johnny Ringo, but then again, there are times when you have to go out of character.)

Anyway, here is the movie.

Enjoy!  And stay tuned.

(PS There is a prize for those who watch the movie to the bitter end.)

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