I’m Worried About the Cowboy Cafe

Hello again everyone.

As many of you know, the Cowboy Cafe in Dubois, Wyoming has been my favorite place to each for many, many years.  Owned by a couple, the wife of which is both french and the chef, they have consistently put out the best food and pie one can ever hope to eat.  Its not on the grand scale of a Tony’s or Charlie Gitto’s or even the well loved Mi Ranchito, but I love their food.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy my meals at the Cowboy as much as I have on other trips.  I did not see my favorite chef.  Instead, I saw a short, portly guy with short hair and tattoos behind the counter.  Did my beloved french chef sell the place?  Was she on vacation?  Was she kidnapped by Aliens?  What in the heck happened?

IMG_3530I must note that the peach pie alamode was delicious … as always.  And the swiss mushroom chicken fried steak was pretty darn good as well.  So it was not a wash out by any means.  Just a suspicion that things were not quite up to par.

My general impression might have been partly affected by the skinny brunette who served us breakfast on our way out of town.  From the get to she looked and treated me as if I was her ex-husband.  And I most certainly would never have even asked her out on a date, much less marry her.  She served us breakfast on plates that were badly chipped.  My “corned beef hash” amounted to slices of corned beef that were crushed together with fried tater tots.  Yes.  That is what I said.  Corned beef with smashed, deed fried tater tots.

Now that kind of dish might fly in southern Missouri, but not at the Cowboy Cafe.  Someone ruint the corned beef hash.  If they are still serving that crap next time I stop in I most definitely will not eat it.

Enough about that.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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