World to End July 29

Hello again everyone.

Another nut case has predicted the end of the world.  July 29 of this year.  A mere 11 days away.  Probably time to get ready for it, but I’m not sure how.  Make sure you eat all your food?  Drink heavily?  Quit your job, cash out your bank account and hit the road on a trip to wherever you feel like going?  Go back to church and start praying earnestly for forgiveness for every last little sin you ever committed?

In any event, this group has wrongly predicted the end of the world before, and that means their batting average is 0.000 (since the world has not ended yet).

Check out the story because the theory that the world’s ending is based on is a real “thing”.

Source: World to end July 29, says group that’s always wrong

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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