Something is Wrong.

Hello again everyone.

Something is wrong.  Things just don’t feel right.  So many people seem to be so very angry.  Others seem to be completely oblivious.  And then there are the politicians … or the so called non politicians who have become politicians but won’t admit it.  “I’m a constitutional conservative.”  More than likely, you are an asshole.  WTF.


Maybe all the political ads are the problem.  I think there must be more to it than that.  News cycles are full of reports of violence, hatred and despair. Pokemon has taken over so many people.  Donnie’s wife was the keynote speaker on the first night of the RNC convention.  Can it get any crazier?  Oh, yeah, the Cubs are still in first place.

I’m thinking about shutting down the tv for a while … or just watching stuff that has no news and no commercials.  Apple TV?  Netflix?  The Shopping Network?  I’m leaning toward shutting it down.

I think I miss how things were before Mom died.  Before Michael Brown was shot. Before the financial crisis. Before 9-11.  Before Joe had his stroke.  Before I started feeling that something is wrong.

There is one thing that is not wrong.  And its a secret.  One of the best secrets ever.  To be revealed at just the right time.  It makes everything better.  So much better that all the crap is meaningless.  I know you want to know.  But I’m not telling.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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