Can We Talk About Something Else??

Hello again everyone.

I’m deathly tired of all of the political talk.  Yeah, I know there is an important election coming up.  I should want to know something about the candidates.  Are they pro gun?  Pro abortion rights?  Pro police?  Pro military?  Pro constitution?  Does our country suck and need someone to make it not suck?  Or does it not suck and just needs someone to keep making it better?  Is your glass half full?  Or half empty?

But I’m already really tired of it all.  Tired of the crazy ads that assert derogatory claims about the opposing candidate.  Tired of all of the constitutional conservatives.  What does that really mean anyway?  There seem to be so many of them.  Why is that?

UntitledI’m going to suggest that we talk about something other than politics.  What about sports?  Baseball in particular.  Cardinal baseball, more precisely.  Subject:  Can the Cardinals make the playoffs this year?  Discuss.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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