Secret Revealed!!

Hello again everyone.

It is with the greatest pleasure and much pride that the Old Lady and I announce that we have graduated to the status of grandparents!! Our beloved Anna is with child!!!  And we could not possibly be happier (even if we had won the lottery instead)!!


Now I know some of you out there want to quibble about whether we are in fact at the present time and place “grandparents”.  But there is no question.  The little bugger is at this time not much bigger than a bug, but he/she is without question our grandson/daughter.  The bursting forth process yet to come.  The Old Lady has peed herself many times in excitement.  Me?  I plan to eat many celebratory bowls of ice cream.


Congratulations are in order for the happy parents!  Did I mention that we are so happy for you?

We would also like to thank all of those involved in this momentous event, but especially Andrew, without whose contributions this would not be possible.  Others involved include, but are not limited to the persons who gave Annie and Andrew their “talks”.  Seems like they got the point across successfully.  Of course, without the Old Lady, Andrew’s parents and I there would be no children to produce grandchildren, so we accept credit as well.  Masters and Johnson, Hugh Hefner, and Dr. Phil probably made some contribution and should be recognized as well.  Thanks, Phil.

Our grandchild is, of course, the cutest grandchild in the world.  Here’s proof:


Do you see the big smile??  And his/her tongue??  Gorgeous/handsome!

I will report back with further details, interviews and gossip as soon as it is available.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned.

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