Hollywood Applying to Vet School

Hello again everyone.

Have I ever mentioned the fact that my youngest daughter, Hollywood, is applying to go to Vet School?  No No … No No, not Veteran’s School (where you would learn to be a Veteran), But Veterinary School, where you learn to be a doctor for animals.  The Old Lady and I are very happy about this and want all of my literarily challenged readers to know about it.


If you were an animal, this is how Hollywood would look to you up close and personal.

Now, be assured, it is not easy to meet the qualifications for admission to Vet School.  And, even if you meet the qualifications, it is not a slam dunk that one would be accepted over the many other people applying for admission.  But we know that our Hollywood has the right stuff.

First off, she is our daughter.  That means she has our jeans.  That means she has had to overcome so many things to get where she is in life.  (It is not easy to wear our jeans.)  For example, she has to overcome the “classic white” jean.  It turns her skin red hot red if she spends too much time in the sun.  Not to mention the pain it causes her lips.

Second, Hollywood is so darn cute.  (Favors her father.)  She has her mother’s charm.  She defends those who don’t deserve defending.  She gives Mimi hugs … and won’t let go.  She loves dogs, cats, horses, moose, elk, deer, wolves, foxes, buffalo, pronghorn, marmots, beaver, lemurs, monkeys, giraffes, chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs, mules, wooly mammoths, kangaroos, mice, rats, bats, guinea pigs, gophers, prairie dogs, jackanapes, rabbits, squirrels, snakes, lizards, lions, tigers, bears (oh my), chippies and all manner of living things. (I could have gone on forever, but you get the point — Hollywood loves all animals.)


One of Hollywood’s favorite animals grazing in a bog.

So, here’s to Hollywood!  I can’t wait to be able to call her Doc Holliday, er I mean Hollywood.

Thanks for reading (or not) and stay tuned.

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