Meet “J the B”

Hello again everyone.

There was a time when none of my girls had “boy friends”.  And I’m not talking about the time before puberty, either.  Some managed to get all the way through high school without being tied down by some testosterone crazed teenage male (TCTM)

For the most part, I found this comforting.  No need to worry about what the TCTM was thinking about doing to or with my daughters. No need to purchase a shotgun, or indeed any kind of firearm.  No need to work out so I could kick their sorry asses all over the place if need be.  No need to suffer through the drama and trauma of a break-up … no matter who was responsible.

Life seemed simpler than I had anticipated.  That was before Andrew, and Ben, and Cully, and Danny and what’s his name.  Fortunately, none of them were TCTMs at the time they became “serious” with any of the girls.  They were all twenty-something slightly more mature males (TSSMMM) when the girls first realized that they existed.


The latest to join the TSSMMMs on my girl’s radars is Jordan Beckles, otherwise known as “J the B”.  He is a fine young man with a great sense of humor, a big smile and a fantastic tan.  He went to DeSmet HS (otherwise known as SLUH west) where he dominated the Catholic High League in soccer (at least thats what Rojass says).  To my knowledge he has no piercings or tattoos, and does not ride a motorcycle.  (Check, check and double check.)  He plays soccer, hoop, golf, softball, darts, and all manner of drinking games (I think).

The Old Lady is in love with J the B.  He makes her laugh and claims to love her cooking (even on bad days).  Plus, the Old Lady knows that he makes Rojass smile and giggle like a love struck teenager.

I don’t know the details about how Rojass and J the B met, but rest assured I will get to the bottom of that and pass it on to my literarily challenged readers.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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