I’m Speechless

Hello again everyone.

ME_523_SpeechlessI am speechless.  Don’t know why.  Just can’t say anything.  Maybe I’m thoughtless.  Maybe I’m mute.  Not sure.  So confused.  Don’t know how this happened.  I could go on forever … but I’m speechless.

IMG_0030Don’t know when this started.  Don’t know when it will end.  Don’t know how it happened.  I’d investigate the problem, but I’m speechless and can’t give anyone the information necessary to look into it.  Because I’m speechless.


My literarily challenged readers will not  notice any difference in this post as compared to others.  They can’t read or write anyway.  Its all the same to them.  Words are words … even if I am speechless.  They have no idea what the heck is going on.

I am soooo speechless.  Nothing to share except that simple fact.  Some people are celebrating.  Others are sad.  Some are confused.  Others are still confused.  Still others are mad or still mad and will probably always be mad.  Nothing can be done about them.

I am still speechless.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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