God is Grimacing

Hello again everyone.

Two North Charleston, S.C., teenagers were accused of shooting a man who helped them get their SUV out of a ditch, according to police.

Now there are some crazy stories in the news everyday, but WTF.  Imagine you are driving along a road.  You see a couple of guys whose car is stuck in a ditch.  You decide to be a nice guy.  You stop and try to help, suggesting a fee of $20 for your trouble (probably a mistake).  You are successful in getting the car back on the road (without damage to the car).

You ask for the agreed upon fee and bang!  One of the guys pulls out a gun and shoots you dead.

My first question:  Why?  I just helped out out.  As I often say … not happy, don’t pay!  So get back in your car and take off.  Stiff me for the $20.  Or better yet, use the gun to rob me of all the cash I have on my person (which won’t be much because I live in the digital cash world).  At least then you will be killing me because I didn’t have enough money.

This is a troubled world we live in.  Too many people with too many problems and little consideration for the other guy.  Every day there is more evidence of this.  And every day I see God’s face and he is grimacing.

Source: Police: Two S.C. teens shot man who pulled their car from a ditch

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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