How Did T the T Meet J the B?

Hello again everyone.

I know many of you who are literarily challenged are wondering:  “Just how did T the T meet J the B?”  How did their paths come to cross?  Was it dumb luck?  Or divine providence?  Was food involved?  Or just soft drinks?

Inquiring minds want to know the answers to these and other questions.

I have a confidential source who says their paths crossed at a North County bar where T the T was performing “wing woman” services for her cousin, Lindsey Cat. (No word on how that turned out.)  It was in that bar, over Memorial Day weekend 2015, that J the B noticed T the T watching a Pacers playoff game.  Overwhelmed by her wholesomeness, he approached her and said: “I’ll buy you a drink if LeBron wins.”  Wow!


Word has it that sparks flew and the rest, as they say is history.  LeBron must have won, because if he hadn’t, then there would be no drink … and no conversation, and no reason to pay any attention to the guy who bet his future on LeBron’s ability to win a playoff game.  J the B could have been labeled a “loser.”

Now some would say that my theory is flawed.  That J the B could win regardless of the outcome of the game.

These critics would argue that the gist of the line is that the two of them would have to watch the rest of the game together … and T the T would have to buy her own drinks until the game was over and LeBron actually won.  In the meantime, they would chat it up about the Cavs, LeBron, basketball, and all sorts of other trivia about each other. That way, by the time the game was over, J the B would have enough intel do decide whether buying T the T a drink made any sense at all.

That theory would give J the B credit for being strategic about delivering his first words to a woman.  Seems reasonable to me.  You just don’t pull a line like that out of the air.

I remember when a guy told the Old Lady that he’d like to see her dress hanging over his bed post in the morning.  The Old Lady replied that he could not have her dress because she needed it to go home with her husband.  The poor guy was devastated (and ran away).

I guess there are all kinds of “pick up” lines.  Glad J the B used a G rated one.  Otherwise I’d have to have a talk with him.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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