Never Shake a Baby

Hello again everyone.

As I’m sure you know by now (if not there is little hope for you) the Old Lady and I are grandparents.  The birth has not yet occurred, but the conception has.  Ergo we are grandparents.  If any of you disagree, go see your parish priest.

Since we are now grandparents, we are more in tune with baby’s safety issues.  One issue we are presently focused on involves SBS (shaken baby syndrome).  You see billboards for this quite frequently if you do any interstate travel between major cities across the US.  The mantra of the billboards is: “Never Shake a Baby”.


So what does this have to do with our being grandparents?  You mean its not obvious?  First, we are generally opposed to shaking babies.  Anyone’s baby.  For any reason … fun or not fun.  Just don’t do it.  Not a good idea.

Second, we are primarily opposed to shaking our grand baby.  That means that there will be no making the Fabulous One jump rope.  No driving down unimproved dirt roads with the Fabulous One on board.  No hula hoops.  No teeter totters.  No wild celebratory jumping up and down.  No vibrating chairs.  Lets just keep things nice and calm for our grandchild.

Glad we got this one out of the way early.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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