Time to Start Shopping

Hello again everyone.

The Fabulous One’s birthday is on the horizon and you need to start shopping for her gift.  September 1 is the day and she is celebrating for two this year, so she logically deserves two gifts.  One for her and one for my grand person.

IMG_2760The Fabulous One can be found at the Old Lady and my house at dinner time on her birthday.  You are all welcome to come by, provided you bring three gifts.  “Three gifts”, you say.  Yes, one for the Fabulous One, one for my grand person and one for me (my birthday is on the 13th and I’m accepting gifts again this year).

What does the Fabulous One want?  Hell, I don’t know.  But if she comments on this post promptly, she can let all of my readers know (literarily challenged and otherwise) what in the heck she would like.

My grand person should be easy to buy for.  He/she doesn’t have anything yet (at least as far as I know).  I’ll bet that any kind of Cardinal or Blues outfit would be appropriate.  (All Cubbie wear will be destroyed on the spot.)  Great baby stuff like pacifiers, stuffed moose, and coupons for free baby-sitting would be welcome, I’ll bet.

So, GET OUT THERE AND SHOP.  Our economy thanks you.

And I thank you for reading and stay tuned.

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