Hollywood is Sad

Hello again everyone.

School is back in season.  D the D is back at Mizzou.  Hollywood is still in St. Louis (and not in school, having graduated last May).  And she is sad.

Sad that D the D is in Columbia, MO while she is stuck in my house in Cheddarfield.  What could possibly be worse.  Truly, I don’t know.  Picking up dog poop for money?


Anyway, I am recommending that everyone be nice to Hollywood while she works her way through her sadness.  No joking about her pokiness.  No tickling.  No sarcasm.  Just give her long hugs.  Cause she needs them.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Hollywood is Sad

  1. Make sure your hugs are also over 9 seconds!!!!! Thats when you get the most therapeutic benefits!!!!!! HUGS TO ALL!!!

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