Truck Stop Disaster

Hello again everyone.

Have you noticed that our nation’s truck stops have sold out to corporate interests?  I’ll be you haven’t.  I hadn’t noticed until our trip to Yosemite several years ago.  Then I realized that the corporate cancer had snuck up on us.  Took over all the eating establishments at truck stops.  No mom and pop diners any more.  Just fast food chains.

McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, DQ, Wendy’s.  The same old crap at every exit.  I had lunch at Subway one day (at a truck stop).  Later that night (between 10 and midnight) and I wanted some wholesome diner food.  I passed up exit after exit looking for a diner at a truck stop.  There were none to be found.  Then it hit me.

The fast food chains put all of the mom and pop diners out of business!!!

Love's Travel Stop

Notice the Subway sign on the modern Truck Stop.

An no one had yet raised an objection.  Were people really good with this??  Do people really want to eat the same fast food out on the open road in Wyoming that they eat everyday in their home towns?  Not me.  I want originality.  I want chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans.  A cold glass of milk.  And pie … any kind of pie, for dessert.  Ala mode, please.

Fast food places don’t have that.  No, they have bread, hamburger, cheese and fried potatoes and all manner of condiments on their menu.  Everything processed.  Tastes the same everywhere.  Just average food.


The old tyme Truck Stop.  No Fast Food here.

I want to be on the record as having objected to this corporate take-over of the american truck stop.  I urge you to boycott the fast food franchises.  Eat more jerky and cheese.  Wash it down with (diet) Mountain Dew.  Stop only for gas if you have to.  (And by gas I mean the petroleum product.)  If we all stick together, maybe we can kill the cancer and get back to good eating.


Speaking of good eating, do you remember when the only sign outside a restaurant would be “Eat”.  Just like the only sign outside a hotel/motel would be “Vacancy” or “No Vacancy”.  Those are the best places.  If you see one, stop there.  If not, just keep on driving.

Thans for reading and stay tuned.

One thought on “Truck Stop Disaster

  1. Oh how I remember this trip!!! I believe you went on and on! What was worse was eagle eyes and I went without food all day while you were looking for the right spot to stop. And by without good I mean jerkey and cheese doesn’t count!! The saving grace was that the subway we stopped at at 11:30 pm was serving breakfast!!! We did have a good time though!!😎😘

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