Hollywood Needs New Job

Hello again everyone.

 Well it seems that Hollywood is tired of shoveling dog feces.  She has been working at the Fox Creek Veterinary Clinic as their “Kennel Assistant” for several months now.  The job involves taking the dogs/cats out for a little R&R and keeping their kennels clean.  She likes the R&R (I think) but hates the cleaning part.  And who wouldn’t?


I could go into some detail about the conditions of the kennels after some of the sicker doggies have defecated in their kennels, but then you would scrunch up your noses and go ewwww and stuff like that.  Then you would probably write a comment about how I shouldn’t write about such things.

OK.  I get it.  But this story would give you so much more to imagine if I did.


Anyway, back to Hollywood’s desire for new employment.  She is looking for anything that pays $8.50 an hour or more and does not involve picking up poop.  Not just dog poop.  She doesn’t want to pick up any kind of poop.  It reminds her too much of “Project Poop,” which is another story for another time.


So, if you are aware of any jobs that fit Hollywood’s general description, please let her know — or post it here.  She reads my posts on a daily basis and will be more than pleased if she were to find a few job leads while reading my blog.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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