Hello again everyone.

I am not exactly sure what it is, but my daughter’s doctors seem to like to diagnose them as having malaise.  That’s never happened to me, although I must say that at times I feel as though that diagnosis might fit.

You know, when you are feeling tired and just don’t give a sh-t.  That sounds like malaise to me.  Or any number of other illnesses where the symptoms include weariness and not caring much about anything.


Could it be malaise?

The common denominator among doctors who diagnose patients with malaise is that they have no recommended course of treatment.  It seems like sleep more, eat healthy, take a tylenol and call me in the morning would work.  But no, nothing.  Its pretty much like “You have malaise, good luck!”

We recently discussed the late Doctor HAG-on and his diagnosis of malaise when his patient, in fact, needed to have her gall bladder removed.  Seems like he missed the mark by a mile.  That put me to thinking.  Could the diagnosis of malaise really involve the recognition of a symptom in itself, and not a disease?

Maybe the medical professional should ponder that a while.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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