Beyoncé and Rihanna: No ‘Pokémon Go’

Hello again everyone.

I have, up till now, avoided blogging about Pokemon Go.  If you haven’t heard about it, you must be badly injured and in an induced (or not) coma in the hospital.  Its some crazy “game” that the Chinese, Japanese, and/or Koreans created to bring America to its knees.  And by “America” I am talking about the US of A, not the beer advertised by AB In Bev.

What caused me to finally write about it is the fact that two of America’s queens of music let the public know that there will be no Pokemoning during their concerts.  (Not sure why you would do that anyway.  You should be looking at Beyonce and Rhiana during their shows, not staring at your cell phone.)  Knuckleheads.

I think Beyonce should go further than just banning Pokemon at her concerts.  She should ban it altogether and everywhere.  Too many people are being robbed, injured and otherwise maimed while playing Pokemon when they clearly shouldn’t be.  To save America, anyone who has ever played Pokemon in the US should stop immediately.  We cannot defend ourselves from terrorists if we have our faces stuck in our cell phones.

Don’t have something more productive to do with your time … like smoking weed?  or searching for porn on the internet?  I mean, really.  You might even be better off writing comments about my blog.  At least its safe … or is it?

Source: Beyoncé and Rihanna will not stand for your ‘Pokémon Go’ shenanigans

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Beyoncé and Rihanna: No ‘Pokémon Go’

    • Not personally. I’ve not played Pokemon Go, nor have I been directly affected by any zombie playing the game themselves. I recommend staying clear of the whole thing.

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