Rerun: The Trifecta

Hello again everyone.

It occurred to me the other day that I don’t have to write a new blog post every day.  I could do what the late night talk show hosts do and offer up reruns.  You know, repeats of a previous show.  In my case, repeats of previous blogs.

Some of you may think that this represents some sort of laziness.  Not so fast, buster.  I know that many of you did not read my blog posts the first time they were posted.  This will give you the opportunity to read and enjoy the best of the best while I take time to find better material to write about.

To make things easier for you I will give you a clue that a post is, in fact, a rerun, by indicating so in the title.  Even my literarily challenged readers will be able to figure it out.

Here goes, Rerun #1.  Check this out:  The Trifecta.

(If you are a moron, I offer the following suggestion:  Click on the words “The Trifecta” above.)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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