In Heaven

Hello again everyone.


Apple just released iOS 10 for the iPhone.  And the Old Lady LOVES it.  Lots of new messaging features.  She can write a message by hand, send you a cute little gif, lots of new stuff.  The Old Lady is on the cutting edge of technology now.  No more Claris Works for her!  She is in technology heaven.

Trouble is that she cannot focus on her work.  She is so enthralled by the new stuff that she can’t stop sending messages.  And to think that there was a time when she didn’t want a smart phone.  “I don’t need all that stuff.  I won’t use any of it.”

Famous last words.

I love you honey!!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “In Heaven

  1. The Old Lady is rarely without her smartphone! It’s a wonder she never had one. it helps her keep up with all of the people that need to get in touch with her! (very popular lady after all)

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