Hello again everyone.

Last night we drove up to Clingmans Dome to photograph sunset. It was unbelievable. And cold.

Clingmans Dome is at 6600 feet. I think it’s the highest point in the park and gives you a vantage pointe in every direction.

You have to walk a 1/2 mile trail to get to the top. The trail is basically very steep up and very steep going down. Relatively strenuous.

I’m not sure what the temperature was but there was a strong breeze and quite a bit of mist. As we left to go downhill the temperature in the car read 53°.

We went to Mel’s diner in pigeon Forge. I, of course, had country fried steak and The old lady had a chicken pot pie. Both were delicious and we then headed back to camp where we stretched it out as soon as we arrived.

This morning we slept in until 930 and then headed off to Cades Cove. It’s a gorgeous place with a number of old settler buildings to see. We had lunch in a picnic area and now are in Townsend seeking out a shower.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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