Big Creek

Hello again everyone.

Yesterday we went to Big Creek. It’s on the north east side of the park in North Carolina. There is a tent only campground there. There is also a picnic area and, of course, Big Creek.

Now Big Creek is a little smaller than little river, which is where our campground is located. But it’s big enough and very pretty. And that’s where “it” happened.

img_0604I was walking out into the middle of the creek on some big rocks when I fell and onto my back and had the wind knocked out of me. Fortunately, the old lady did not see me fall and so I was spared that embarrassment.

It took me a few minutes to catch my breath and try to get up without putting the old lady in any danger. Almost out of the creek, I discovered that I had lost my glasses  (just like at home).

And so it was back to the place of the fall and I had to put both feet in the creek while I was looking for my glasses. Fortunately, I found them after about five minutes of looking.

The pain from the fall and it our plans for a hike and we instead drove a part of the Blue Ridge Parkway on our way back to camp. There may have been some Advil involved in treating the pain.

img_3612We had lunch at a nice little restaurant in Maggie’s valley. It was a mom-and-pop diner and the food was very good.

We’ve taken it pretty easy today, because it rained all night and we didn’t sleep as well as we did earlier in the week. Tomorrow, we will pack up and head home. We are looking forward to Sunday dinner prepared by the one and only Cully.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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