Home From the Smokies

Hello again everyone.

The Old Lady and I returned from the Great Smoky Mountains last evening.  We had a fabulous time … even though we sustained minor injuries at the Big Creek.

I want to go on record as saying that the word “Great” in the name of the park is, indeed, appropriate.  Not like the word “Great” in the name of that salty lake near a city in Utah that I’ve written about before.  This time, they got it right!  The Great Smoky Mountains ARE great!  See my earlier post on the lake here.


We have taken many trips over the years.  Most with our children and other relatives.  This trip ranked up among the best.  The campground was fabulous.  The scenery was outstanding.  And the Fall temperatures were refreshing.  The Smokies are indeed a special place.  You just have to adjust to the “southern talk” … that is, the accent people from the south apply to the english language.

We only saw 2 confederate flags.  One that could be seen from the highway, and another on top of a replica of the car General Lee from the tv show Dukes of Hazard.  Lots of Trump signs, though.  Based on yard signs, I’d have to guess that rural Tennessee and North Carolina are going to support that axxhole.

There are a number of great places to visit when you are in the Smokies, but Gatlinburg is not one of them.  I’ve never seen so much shxt stacked so high in my life.  And so many people walking the street to take it all in.  I felt claustrophobic.  The Old Lady did too.  We did find one very good ice cream store off the beaten path.  Delicious!

img_0425Some statistics from our trip.  The Elkmont Campground is 550 miles from our house in Chesterfield.  Over 9 million people visit the Smokies each year.  Many of them during October to see the Fall colors.  Parts of the park receive as much as 96 inches of rain each year.  Fortunately, October is one of the least rainy months during the year with an average of 2.9 inches.

img_0586More on the trip and places to see if you go there in future posts.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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