KFC Sued

Hello again everyone.

Did you hear about the idiot woman in New York who sued KFC for $20 Million Dollars?  That’s right, $20 Million.  Hard to imagine what KFC could have done to entitled anyone to that much money.  No, she was not burned by something that was too hot.  (That was a woman who put a hot cup of coffee between her legs in the drive through and then spilled it on herself.  Ouch!!  She may not have been very smart, but she did get hurt.)

This person is basing her claim on false advertising.  That’s right.  She was so damaged by KFC’s advertising that she needs $20 Million Dollars in compensation!

kfc_thumb_buckets_filetbucketThe details of the claim are that the photo for the $20 bucket of chicken was “overflowing” with chicken, while the one she received was not.  You see the bucket was supposed to have only 8 pieces of chicken in it (according to the ad).  But the bucket was apparently too big, and the 8 pieces only filled it half full.

OMG.  That’s awful.  You ordered 8 pieces and you got 8 pieces.  You are damaged because the bucket was too big (or the pieces too small).  Either way, this woman believes she has been harmed to the tune of $20 Million American Dollars!!  What kind of idiot is her lawyer??

Being in the law business, I am forever amazed that there are lawyers out there that will actually take these kinds of cases and clog up the court system with what amounts to total bullshit.


I think I’m going to sue Hardees because I’ve never seen one of those totally hot babes in their stores eating their food.  As a matter of fact, there are few women in their stores … and those that are … well lets just say they are not H.O.T.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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