The Waffle House

Hello again everyone.

I’ve seen Waffle Houses all over the place.  But I’ve never eaten there.  Until the morning after my night at the Budget Host Inn.

img_3644Located immediately adjacent to the Budget Host Inn, the Waffle House in Columbia, Missouri was my first Waffle House experience.  Hollywood and I were greeted at the door by Waffle House’s version of the Walmart greeter.  An energetic older gentleman welcomed us and told us we could sit wherever we wanted.  We picked a table for two and sat down.

Don’t remember his name, but he came up to us after we sat down and made it clear that if we weren’t happy with something or needed anything he was the man to go to.  Good to know Mr. Greeter Man, I thought.  Can you do anything about the oldness of the Budget Host Inn next door?

Our waitress did not share the Greeter Man’s enthusiasm and spirit.  She dutifully took our orders without a smile or smirk.  And delivered the food in record time (I think) for almost any restaurant.  (Now I may have been a bit spoiled after the slooooowwwww service the Old Lady and I received at the Stackhouse in Chesterfield the night before … but alas, that is yet another story.)

img_3645I had a Sausage, Egg and Cheese bowl.  Hollywood had a waffle and some hash browns.  What is a “bowl” you ask?  Well it is in fact a well sized white bowl filled with hash browns and covered with cheese, sausage and scrambled eggs.  Tasty and filling.  I still feel bloated as I write this.



Unfortunately there was no chicken fried steak on the menu.

Both Hollywood and I had coffee with our meal.  We agreed it was not “America’s Best Coffee” as advertised on the sign on the wall.  Neither of us finished our coffee and we went directly to Starbucks when we left the Waffle House.

How can you screw up coffee???

Despite the coffee, I’ll probably go back some day.  Probably when I’m drunk.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

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