Hollywood’s Got Attitude

Hello again everyone.

Today’s topic is Hollywood.  Yes, my youngest and dearest.  Why?  Well because she’s gone a bit off the reservation.  What does that mean?  I really don’t know.

img_1746You see we were talking about Louis, the dog earlier today.  As you all know, Louis does not prefer to go to the bathroom outside.  He seems to prefer to go inside, unless one of us offers to take him to “potty outside”.  He will go outside, but he takes his dear sweet time. In the wintertime that means you will freeze your ass off before he gets around to going if you don’t wear a coat.

So what does Louis have to do with Hollywood’s attitude.  Well, she claims she loves Louis.  Thinks he’s cute and lovable.  But she holds this inner hatred for him … especially if she is asked to take him out.

When called out about that she went into her inner huffiness, where she smirks and goes silent.  There is no knowing exactly what she is thinking, but you can be sure it is not good.

_mg_9259My approach is to meet her inner huffiness with sarcasm and teasing.  This seems not to work.  I just get more smirking and silence.  If she does break the silence … look out!!

I think that her new attitude may be on account of her new job.  She deals with the unvarnished public sometimes at Charley Gitto’s in her position as a server.  This requires her to have to deal (in a nice way) with people who are sometimes just assholes.  And then they don’t tip.  I think if you are an asshole, you need to tip over the top to get people to want to serve you.  They don’t seem to understand that.

So, Hollywood has had to develop an attitude to deal with these people.  I imagine it involves her classic smirk and the silent treatment.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.



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